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    A Day is Gonna Come


    Milano comprises six members: a husband and wife, sisters and three friends. In a literal sense, Milano is a family affair.

    The lead singer/songwriter, whose live performances have drawn comparisons to a young Thom Yorke and whose compositions have been compared to Rufus Wainwright and Arcade Fire, started the band in 2009. Their music has been described by the Chicago Tribune as “Gypsy Prog-Rock.” Commenting on their latest EP release to a nearly sold-out club, another music critic said, “This is one of the most important bands in Chicago right now. I would be very surprised if they weren’t significantly dictating the tone of Chicago’s music scene in a year’s time.”

    Drawing from rock, folks and electronica, Milano is a refreshingly sophisticated combination of raw talent, multi-faceted musicianship and compelling live performance. Milano has been featured in Chicago’s most reputable publications, and their following continues to increase throughout the Midwest and across America.

    Finally, Milano’s front man, Jon Guerra, is piloting the Artist in Residence program at The Line Church in Chicago, now in its second year. The thesis of the program is this: too often, an artist is “hired” to support a church at the expense of his or her work. This program is designed to flip that model on its head, the church supporting artists in their work and maturing from that exposure. The Line Church funds Guerra to write, record and perform full time as Milano’s leader.


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