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    Josh Mogck


    Josh Mogck

    Fell Asleep

    Michigan Memories

    Listen closely and youíll hear the beat of his birthplace, Zaire, coming through his fingers. String bending and rhythm changing, the acoustical guitar style of Hollander Joshua Mogck breathes at times like the child of Bob Dylan and the Jurassic Five. A voice and resonance exuding its inspiration from the woods of Ontario, Red Wing boots, deep colors and the whimsy of balloons. A man who even after 17 Big-Gulps canít get enough of Lake Michigan. At Kendall College and Northern Michigan University, Joshís passion for ceramics developed alongside his growing musical abilities. Yet when California called collect (as it does to many young folks), both he and a fellow musician answered with their first cross-country musical tour. Since then, Josh has released four EPís while hosting multiple performances not only in West Michigan, but also taking a second cross-country tour. Josh Mogck: a deft musician imported from Africa, grown near a windmill and trumped only by his smile.


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