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    Jonathon Ferris


    jonathon Ferris

    What a Year


    Although a resident in the Flint area, Jonathon started as a weekly performer at open mics surrounding Metro Detroit. His performances in those settings led to weekend gigs in coffee houses, tea houses, and bars in the area. He has played the open stage at The Ark, one of Ann Arbors premier venues where he received a huge response, and yes it was positive. In December last year he was interviewed live on the University of Michigan - Dearborn’s internet radio broadcast, and has been the featured artist of the day for that station as well.

    He draws people into his Americana-Folk-Rock songs with a energetic, honest, heart felt delivery. He holds them there with musical tones that are easy on the ears, and thought provoking lyrics that keep your attention. This has not only gained him praise from the people who come to listen, but also the respect of those with whom he shares the stage. He has shared the billing with Detroit artists Mike Galbraith, Livy (formerly Big Livy), Sugarspell, Band B, and Florida duo Spider + Octopus.

    “Jonathon sings with vocal tones that reflect the classic American singer/songwriter with inflections that resemble that of Tom Petty or John Prine, and the ’90’s bands that were part of the resurrection of that sound,” says Dave Shaneburger singer and songwriter of Livy.

    He released his first EP, 16 Days in 2009. On the disc are three fan fav’s, that after years of playing still get a positive response from the audience. “Leaning Back” is a song about learning to trust. “What a Year” is a run down of the highs and lows and events of one year, and looking forward to the next. The foot stomping antidepressant song (“because there is always someone depressed in a coffee house” he explains), called “Don’t Let the Devil Get You Down” rounds out the disc.

    This year Jonathon will release his first full length CD 16 Months, which is in the final stages of mastering, and should be out in February or March. The three songs from 16 Days have been rerecorded and are joined by seven other original songs. Of note are the darker, somber “Crows”, the tongue in cheek “Tortured Poet,” and the sweet yet slightly sad love song “You and Me.” Some of the tracks remain just one voice and one guitar. On others Mandolin, Bass, Electric Guitars, and Harmony Vocals, all performed by Jonathon, have been added. Three tracks feature another singer/songwriter friend, Sugarspell, adding drums to the mix.

    He continues to look forward and is excited about what this year will bring his way.


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