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    John Wesley's Band


    John Wesley's Band

    Lost Love

    Into My Heart Went He

    Featuring artists from the Detholz, Joe Pug and the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, John Wesley’s Band is a collective of some of Chicago’s finest Americana, rock and alt-country musicians. Formed by Mike Niebauer, an Anglican minister in the Chicago area, their performances cover an engaging variety of songs, from inventive new takes on old spirituals to originals influenced by 50s country and gospel and bluegrass. Anchored by the clear and transfixing voice of Julia Klee and supported by premier instrumentalists, John Wesley’s Band presents a rousing, riveting show of lively country and lyrical originals and creative renditions of early American gospel classics. The first track, “Lost Love,” interweaves lines from George Herbert’s poem “Love” with original lyrics and music, and will be featured in an upcoming EP release. The second selection, “Into My Heart Went He,” is loosely based on a poem by George MacDonald, and was released on their self-titled debut album.


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