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    Gifts or Creatures


    Gifts or Creatures

    Mail from the Westcott

    Wolf of Gubbio

    Gifts or Creatures is the musical pursuit of husband and wife duo Brandon John and Bethany Foote. The two share the patience of old world principle, with new world delivery and grace.

    Born in Lansing, Michigan to a nurse and factory worker during the release of Smokey and the Bandit on Betamax, Brandon has traveled the Great Lake State countless times in various musical outfits with fretted instruments in tow. Soaking up the mystique that dust and legacy leave behind, Brandon strives for authenticity in song with nostalgic nods to the American past. Songs about William Booth, Samson, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Harry Houdini have risen to the surface under the supervision and inspired efforts of the Earthwork Music Collective.

    Bethany spent the first five years of her life in the English hillside of Bristol, enjoying the finest black British tea that her American missionary parents could bottle. Upon her arrival stateside, Bethany started formal weekly piano lessons with Ms. Pajtas. Notching out her twin sister in a thumb-wrestling match at birth, she worked feverishly as the eldest of four in the home schooled Turner family. Bethany adds her simplicity of life in song via keyboard instruments. She was recently spotted toting a vintage mother-of-toilet-seat accordion.

    In January 2010, the duo joined a cast of fellow Michigan musicians including Seth Bernard and Trevor Hobbs (of Breathe Owl Breathe) and recorded their debut album. In May of 2010, the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art, & Natural Design (ISLAND) selected Gifts or Creatures for an Emerging Musician Residency. Brandon and Bethany are currently expanding their arsenal of instrumentation and performing regularly with a full band throughout the Midwest.


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