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    Chris Campanelli & the Dusty Jackets


    Chris Campanelli & the Dusty Jackets

    Beyond the Word

    Cemetery Song

    Although some songs eked out through the high school and early college days, Chris Campanelli didn’t really get going with songwriting until late 2007. Finishing college in Charlottesville and stepping out into a wider world, he had no idea what to do other than to listen to a great deal of music, and begin to write songs from that energized and aimless state.

    A few years and a few songs later, Chris Campanelli joined up with Jared Buchanan, Harrison Jones and Mark James, who later took on the name of The Dusty Jackets. Their sound is certainly rooted in the fingerpicking-balladeering-songs-of-love-and-heartbreak from the American folk tradition, at least as it runs from the Mississippi bluesmen up through Bob Dylan and on through indie-folk songwriters today. But it also has fused with some rock elements, and other eclectic sounds as well.

    What does this actually sound like? Perhaps you’ll have to take a listen for yourself. But it’s worth stating that, having grown up in northern Virginia, folk music was hardly a natural expression for Chris. Instead, this music is much more the result of a long and relentless search to find something in his soul that sounds like life. And the Dusty Jackets are the trusted men who have lent their hands (and ears) to this endeavor.