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    Be Lyrebirds


    Be Lyrebirds


    Flash of Rain

    Be Lyrebirds was born out of a mutual passion for music and songwriting. Core members Eric Lawrence and Caleb Bilgen started playing together in 2007. They jammed together whenever they could find a spare moment. From 2007 to 2009, both were living in Ankara, Turkey—Caleb as an international student and Eric as a teacher at an international school. They both bring interesting backgrounds to the duo, Eric having been born and raised in Papua New Guinea, and Caleb being a Jewish-Turkish-American who grew up in Turkey. This, coupled with their shared taste for many different styles of music, has influenced their eclectic sound and diversity in their songwriting. Over the past two years they have collaborated with various other musicians to complete their unique “patchwork” collection of 14 songs. Their first album, Dayenu, is currently in the process of being mixed and mastered, and many new songs are in the works. Both members are based in North America now. Caleb lives and studies in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Eric calls Desbarats, Ontario home. They meet up to write and rehearse whenever possible and dream of the day when they can take their music on the road.