Festival of Faith & Music

FFM 2009

Calvin College

CALVIN - Minds in the Making

/ Makoto Fujimura

Recently named “Daniel of the Year” by World Magazine for his outstanding work as an artist, cultural thinker and inspirational leader, Makoto Fujimura, one of the most unique and significant artists of our time, is a sought after speaker as well. His passion for art and faith exudes both in his art and in person, helping Christians to consider art as a path to cultural engagement, and the general audience to consider Christ’s call for creative life. Born in the U.S., and educated both in Japan and in the United States, Fujimura has had over one hundred and forty solo and group exhibits in New York, Japan, Santa Fe and around the world. Fujimura was the first outsider invited to study in a post-M.F.A program in the long-standing lineage of Nihonga tradition at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music where he developed an extensive knowledge of Japanese art history and technique. He began to integrate his faith in Christianity with his work in the late 1980’s, eventually forming International Arts Movement, an arts and faith-based organization dedicated to helping artists to be reconciled with God, with the Church and with their own creative call. He has become a voice of bi-cultural authority on the nature and cultural assessment of beauty, by both creating it and exploring its forms. Recognized for his work as an artist, and his visionary work towards restoring the Ground Zero community of New York City through the TriBeCa Temporary project, he was appointed to the National Council on the Arts, a six-year Presidential appointment which require a Senate approval, in 2003, the most prestigious arts leadership position in the United States. His works are represented by Sara Tecchia Roma Gallery in Chelsea, New York City as well as Sen Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Public collections include The Saint Louis Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo and the Time Warner/ AOL/ CNN building in Hong Kong.