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FFM 2009

Calvin College

CALVIN - Minds in the Making
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David Dark

David Dark has something funny and interesting to say about all kinds of things. In speaking and in print, he brings his troubled wits to bear on The Office, the Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and the ways our use of words like secular, sacred, religion and politics often serve to obstruct our ability to see the world as a God-given whole. He is the author of Everyday Apocalypse, The Gospel According to America and, most recently, The Sacredness of Questioning Everything. Eugene Peterson refers to him as "my favorite critic of the people’s culture of America and the Christian faith. He brings a deep sense of reverence to every book he reads, every song he hears, every movie he sees, but it is a discerning reverence—attentive to truth and Jesus wherever he comes on them. He is also a reliable lie detector.” As a father of three and a high school English teacher, he also finds time to Google his own name on the Internet entirely too often.