Festival of Faith & Music

FFM 2009

Calvin College

CALVIN - Minds in the Making

/ Conference

Workshop #4 / Sat, 11.30am

Survival of the Freshest: How to Detect and Channel Cosmic Plainspeak in the Written, Overheard and Sung
David Dark

David Dark leads a discussion on our understanding of prophetic traditions, broadly defined, and how the reworking (or remixing) of words and images is part of the crucial task of actually receiving a witness (avowedly religious or otherwise). If a song is an ethical summons, how do we know when we're hearing it? Dark suggests that being a living audience to the cosmic plainspeak of a Bob Dylan, a Lupe Fiasco, a David Bazan or an Emily Dickinson involves more than mere consumption. What do faithfulness, intelligence gathering and re-visioning have to do with one another?


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