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Julie Lee

Julie Lee is a visual artist, singer and songwriter. She studied painting from age eight, but found her voice as a collage artist in "the junkyard,” taking the old and discarded to make something new that speaks to the present from the past. Lee is classic Americana—a melting pot of various traditional American styles, including folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and country. She’s had a lifetime of musical influences and, like a patchwork quilt, she’s taken bits and pieces from each to make something of her own that’s both old and new. Lee has lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for 13 years and performed throughout the U.S. and U.K. Her songs have been cut by Christian, country, bluegrass and folk artists, most notably by Alison Krauss (“Jacob's Dream” and “Away Down The River” on the collection A Hundred Miles Or More). She has also shown her visual art locally and internationally.