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Nameplates and Logos

Part of the function of Publishing Services is to promote and provide for Calvin College's standard identity. The most basic part of this involves regular and proper use of Calvin's nameplates and logos.

There are three main varieties for Calvin's nameplate. The first two consist of the standard Calvin College nameplate plus the heart and hand logo. The first of these has the words and logo centered. The second has the elements justified to the right.

The third version contains the Calvin part of the other nameplates, but instead of "college" has the new tag line "Minds in the Making." Notice that the logo in this treatment does not go beneath, but to the left of the nameplate.

All publications produced at Calvin for an exterior audience should have at least one of these placed in a prominent location. All three may be used without the logo, but no other alterations are to be made to these graphics. Do not attempt to re-typeset the nameplates.

For the nameplates in black there are four files available for download. Each has a physical size of 2.5 by 4.5 inches. The low resolution files are 72 dpi (ppi) JPGs, and suitable for web use. Medium files are 300 dpi JPGs, suitable for most print applications. The high resolution files are 600 dpi JPGs, suitable for large print applications. The final file for each is a PNG file.

The maroon nameplates are available in three formats.The first is a low resolution JPG; the second, a high resolution JPG; and the third, a PNG. File sizes are similar to those of the black versions. The maroon color is an RGB approximation of Calvin's official color Pantone 202.

These graphics are copyrighted for approved use by Calvin College only. Please contact Publishing Services with questions.

Low 28kMedium 128kHigh 332kPNG 12k

Low 68k High 276k PNG 12k


Low 32kMedium 136kHigh 348kPNG 12k

Low 64k High 248k PNG 12k


Low 28kMedium 112kHigh 272kPNG 12k

Low 64k High 248k PNG 12k