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Calvin Sustainability Community and the Green Wiki

The Calvin Sustainability Community

After the Sustainability Summit, a group from Calvin Information Technology (CIT) was meeting to identify and provide opportunities to share resources, encourage discussion, and facilitate sustainability practices at Calvin.

In coordination with the Office of Community Engagement, the Green IT team created an online interactive community which includes a Green Wiki page with information about Calvin, local, state, and national environmental activities, energy facts and tips, on and off-campus resources, product recommendations, discussion boards, and much more.

The Green Wiki

The Green Wiki used to be available for all students, staff, and faculty who had access to KnightVision. [NOTE: This content has not yet migrated to Calvin's Portal intranet.]  Features included:

  • The Green Wiki, which provides a variety of information and links to internal resources at Calvin and to external resources on the web, everything from "green blogs" to quizzes.
  • Discussion Boards, where everyone on campus can ask and answer questions about sustainability.
  • Achievements, which is an open blog, available for everyone to post their department's or organization's goals and accomplishments in the area of sustainability.
  • Campus Resources, which is a list of organizations that are already working on sustainability at Calvin and includes Green IT: Best Practices Recommendations.