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CEAP Reports


"Context and Goal-Setting: How Climate Change Could Affect Calvin"
Dr. Matthew Kuperus Heun
Presentation to Sustainability Summit (May 21, 2008)

Project Reports

Pre-College Math (ASC 004): Energy use and recycling
Ecology (BIO 345): Study of the History and Management of Ravenswood and President's Ponds.
Environmental Studies Capstone Course (ENST 395): The Spring 1999 Environmental Ethic report.
Geography of the Global Economy (GEOG 230): Fall 1997 Food Shed Study
Introduction to Archaeology (IDIS 240): Calvin College Garbage Project
Methods of Social Research (SOC 320): Environmental Attitude and Behavior Questionnaire and Results.
Intermediate Composition (ENGL 201): Knollcrest Watershed Newsletter. Volumes 1 and 2 currently available.