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Join us for the Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) presentation and poster session on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Keynote Address:
"When Financial Incentives and Good Intentions Align:  Celebrating Six Years of the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund"
–Calvin Engineering professor Matt Heun

3:30 p.m., Bytwerk Theater
CEAP Poster Session following the presentation (refreshments provided)

Matt HeunDr. Heun graduated from Calvin with a BSE in 1989. He completed is M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 and finished his Ph.D. in 1995, both at the University of Illinois. During that time, he worked as a research assistant in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) at the University of Illinois. His work at the ACRC focused on the optimization of heat exchangers using ozone-friendly refrigerants.

In Fall 2008, ENGR333 students were asked “What would it take to implement a Green Revolving Fund at Calvin College?”  Since the first Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF) project was implemented in 2010, Calvin has saved over $100,000, 1 million kW-hr of electricity, 841 MMBtu of natural gas, 1.5 million gallons of water, and 770 metric tons of CO2 emissions.  On a day of celebration, this talk will discuss origins, look ahead to the future, and ponder factors that lead to success.