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CEAP Poster Session: Fall 2012

Natural Features of the Lower Grand River

Bill Martinus will give a presentation on the "Natural Features of the Lower Grand River," including a brief overview of the following aspects of the watershed: geology, influence of history, various plant communities, threatened and endangered species, and conservation goals for the watercourse. map

About the lecturer: Bill Martinus was raised in Southeast Grand Rapids along the banks of Plaster Creek. He is a graduate of Calvin college and spent 30 years teaching in public and private schools, including Rehoboth, New Mexico and Holland Christian.Mr. Martinus has been an environmental consultant for the past 15 years and has worked on natural feature inventories and vegetative mapping for a number of organizations.

Following the lecture, student posters of CEAP projects this semester will be on display. Refreshments provided.

CEAP Poster Session
Keynote Speaker:
Bill Martinus, Naturalist
Keynote Address:
"Natural Features of the Lower Grand River"
3:30 PM | December 6, 2012
Chapel Undercroft