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Climate Change Lecture Series (2011)

"Thinking About and Responding to Climate Change"

The fourth (and final) talk in the series "Thinking About and Responding to Climate Change" will be presented Thursday March 3, 7:30PM, in Science Building 010, by Prof. Stephen M. Gardiner. 

Prof. Gardiner is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Program on Values in Society at the University of Washington in Seattle. He specializes in ethics, political philosophy and environmental ethics.  Prof. Gardiner received his PhD. in Philosophy from Cornell University in 1999 for a dissertation on Aristotelian virtue ethics. He also has an M.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a B.A. from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.  Prof. Gardiner is the editor of Virtue Ethics, Old and New (Cornell,2005), and the coordinating co-editor (with Dale Jamieson, Simon Caney and Henry Shue) of Climate Ethics (Oxford, forthcoming). His manuscript A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics and the Global Environmental Tragedy is also currently under contract at Oxford.

All are welcome.  Refreshments will be served.  For more information, contact Ken Piers at 616-526-6491