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CEAP Poster Session: Spring 2010

Of all the usable fresh water on this planet, 20% is in the Great Lakes Basin. With over 1 billion people lacking drinking water today, Michigan is responsible for an important resource. 

Every day, as new parking lots, roads, houses, and large commercial buildings are built, we create more storm runoff.  The storm water runs off these impervious surfaces and makes its way to streams, rivers, and lakes further diminishing the fresh water supply.

We must start building smarter for our water environment and we need to keep water on the land in order to preserve it.

Drain Commissioner Patrick Lindemann is committed to managing this water better, by developing water drain systems that capture and treat more of this storm water. He promotes innovative and fascinating solutions.

Come hear him talk about his vast experience and interesting drain projects.

Poster session reception to follow Commissioner Lindemann's presentation, featuring environmental research done by students and faculty on campus.

CEAP Poster Session
Keynote Speaker:
Patrick Lindemann,
Drain Commissioner
May 6th, 4:00pm
Bunker Interpretive Center