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CEAP Courses - Geography/Geology W50: Advanced GIS

Jim Clark, Department of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies

The Advanced GIS (Geog/Geol W50) class was given the assignment to make a GIS of the Calvin Campus using ArcView software. The purpose was to make a spatial database of Calvin so that physical plant modifications, architectural changes, and environmental databases could be stored with a spatial signature. Six students were in the interim course. The data used to construct the GIS was an air photo of the campus and ecosystem preserve; an autocad file of the buildings, roads, hydrology, parking and recreational fields; and a topographic map of the campus with two foot contour lines. Each of these differed in scale, size, and projection. The maps had to be scanned and imported into the computer. These raster images were then transformed to match the autocad file in scale and projection. Then the raster contour map was traced giving vector contours at known elevation. All six students started the project but two of them, Steve Faber and Nate Petersen chose the project as a special project and carried it far, though not to completion. Remaining is the completion of the contours in the ecosystem preserve and use of all contours to produce a digital elevation model of the entire campus. Interim '98 (7 students)

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