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CEAP Courses - GEOG 230: The Geography of the Global Economy

Recent Course Projects

Janel Curry, Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies

The Geography of the Global Economy Project 1

A foodshed, similar to a watershed, traces the flow of food from its origin to its final destination. In order to better understand the Calvin College foodshed, students collected data from the Calvin Food Service that provided a traceable inventory. Type, quantity, and origin (as best as could be determined) were determined, indexed, and charted with the intent of eventually being mapped. This study helps us to gain a better understanding of Calvin's position in both the global and local economy and provides information that could become the basis for environmentally responsible decision-making in regards to feeding students and staff.

Project 2

Calvin's neighbors complain on a regular basis that: 1) Students don't contribute to the neighborhood. 2) Students, as renters, reduce property values. 3) Students are noisy, don't maintain property, and drive old cars (which are always parked in the street). Over the next several years, a class, possibly Geography 351, Urban and Regional Planning, will develop and carry out a study which address these concerns. The study will include a literature review and empirical study of the impact of campuses like Calvin on surrounding neighborhood, including the benefits of open space and access to other services. It should celebrate the diversity, excitement, and service potential of Calvin. A document such as this would be valuable to Calvin as we reach out to the community with service projects, future zoning issues, and public relations, in general.

Project 3 (Fall 1999)

The class assessed the impact of proximity to Calvin College on the market value of property. The study was carriedo ut using Paired Sales Analysis. PSA is based on the premise of the "principle of contribution" that attributes value to property based on various locational and physical characteristics.