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CEAP Courses - GEOG 222: Geographic Informations Systems

Projects from Fall 2007 - Spring 2009

Jason Van Horn, Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies

Here are a sample of some of the student projects generated within GEOG 222 in recent years. The projects each related directly or indirectly to Calvin's CEAP. The first project deals specifically with Calvin and others are related to landscape, sustainability issues locally and nation-wide.

GIS at Calvin College website

Catalog Description

222 Geographic Information Systems (2). F and S. Focus on geographic information systems (GIS) and science for spatial analysis. Vector and raster data forms will be explored, as well as a variety of methods for exploring spatial relationships. Topics include those of the physical world and landscape, social justice, poverty, and a significant project on atlas creation for developing countries. Lab work will give practical experience to students using the ArcGIS suite. Students will complete a semester GIS project tailored to their disciplinary interest.

Note: *Geography 221 and 222 are taught in sequence as two six week segments in the same semester. Prerequisite: Geography 221 or permission of the instructor based on previous training or experience commensurate with Geography 221.