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CEAP Courses - Geography 110: World Regional Geography

Henk Aay, Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies

Where Am I Going and Why? Understanding Campus Spatial Behavior. CEAP is interested in knowing how much and what parts of the campus environment are known and used by students. The aim of the Geog 110 assignment is to help students understand and work with concepts such as geographical knowing, mapping, spatial behavior, spatial routines, activity spaces, space-time manifold, personal geographies. For one week each student will map their on campus spatial behavior and also include the locations of their arrivals on and exits from campus, and note their destinations when they leave campus (locations/addresses of work, shopping, amusement, socializing, eating out, church, etc.) Maps will include pathways and destinations for each day. Campus maps will be provided for the assignment. Students will be asked to prepare a final map(s) which clearly presents all of the information collected on the daily sketch maps. In groups the students will analyze and interpret the results looking for and suggesting explanations for common pathways, nodes and activity patterns. The data will be more carefully analyzed by students in one of Jim Bradley's statistics classes.