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Courses : English

Courses taught by Prof. Elizabeth Vander Lei

English 101: Written Rhetoric

In English 101R, we will investigate the ways that the humanities disciplines can coordinate with and can assist technical evaluations of environmental quality at Calvin College. Thus, in the first assignment we will develop personal responses to our "place" at Calvin by focusing on the nature preserve. In the second assignment we will contextualize the numeric data of the Environmental Attitudes Survey with qualitative data. In the group project assignment we will develop the concept of Christian stewardship as it relates to CEAP, and in the last assignment we will develop guidelines for creating a rhetorically effective CEAP poster. Fall, Spring (22 each semester)

Guidelines for a (Rhetorically Effective) CEAP Poster

English 201: Intermediate Composition

Knollcrest Watershed Newsletters: Volume 1 | Volume 2