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Courses : Communication Arts & Sciences

CAS 141-A: Visual Rhetoric | Prof. Kathi Groenendyk | Spring 2005

The service-learning component of this course applies principles of environmental communication and advertising.  Some students researched water management in the Plaster Creek watershed and created brochures and posters.  The brochures and posters gave background information about the Plaster Creek watershed, outlined proper yard care practices and warned about the creek’s water quality.  Other students made websites for the Student Environmental Stewardship Coalition (ESC). 

CAS 240: Group Communication | 2000-2001

Groups of students researched a local problem related to Calvin's environmental quality and used a problem-solving model to develop the best solution. Each group detailed the problem, past attempts to solve it, criteria to judge the solutions, the various possible solutions, and the best solutions according to the criteria. Students had the option to contact relevant committees or people with their reports if they thing certain actions are appropriate.