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Biology 345: Ecosystem Ecology and Management


Ecosystem Management | Prof. Randy Van Dragt

This course investigated the water quality of a local West Michigan lake.


Randy Van Dragt, Department of Biology

1999: Project one involves an environmental impact assessment of the southern edge of the Ecosystem Preserve. This portion of the Ecosystem Preserve will be most heavily affected by the development of the Gainey athletic facility, the college conference and CAS facilities and the road connecting these two developments. Students teams are establishing baseline conditions oin the aquatic and terrestrial communities of this part of the preserve, investigating the impacts that development will impose and considering development options that will reduce these impacts. Project two investigates the net primary productivity in two common ecosystems on the college campus lawn and old field (In each system areas dominated by grasses and herbaceous plants will be used)-- and to compare carbon fixation in these communities to carbon dioxide production by various campus activities, such as automobile use, electric energy use, etc.

1998: The Biology 345 class will conduct an environmental assessment of the two athletic field ponds at the northwest corner of the college campus. In past years we have described various features of ecology of these ponds and their watershed. This year we will study the plankton community of the ponds and the water chemistry of the ponds and their major surface water inputs. In addition, we will compare the athletic field ponds, which have received significant human impact for many decades, to a similar, but more isolated, pond in the Ecosystem Preserve. Results of the study will be used to develop a tentative management plan for the ponds. Fall (22 students)

1998 Water Quality Reports on Ravenswood, President's and North Ponds

Testing the Water Quality of President's Pond

Chemical Analysis of North Pond

Water Quality Analysis of Imput Channels to Ravenswood and President's Pond

Watershed and Bathymetry of North Pond

A Survey of Fish Populations in Three Ponds at Calvin College

Plankton Diversity and Dynamics in Ravenswood Pond

Fluctuations in the Plankton Community of President's Pond, on the Calvin College Athletic Field

Plankton Community in North Pond

Testing Phosphate Availability in the Sediment of Ravenswood, President's & North Ponds on the Calvin College Campus