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Biology 112: Life Science for Elementary School Teachers

Spring 2005

Prof. Kenneth Bergwerff

The service-learning component of this course seeks to provide both knowledge of biological systems and creative projects for the classroom for future elementary school teachers.  Student propagated different native plants during lab sessions to use in a native plant garden at  Calvin Christian Elementary School.  Once propagated, the students went to Calvin Christian Elementary and planted the garden with students from the elementary school.  Also, reinforcement of the importance of native planting was done through a series of labs involving the germination rate of the non-native invasive species Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) as compared to native Michigan plants.

Fall 2005

Prof. Kenneth Bergwerff

Professor Bergwerff began a new program for Biology 112 by exploring the macroinvertebrates of Plaster Creek.  His class captured and identified macroinvertebrates and used them as “indicator species” for water quality. 

Spring 2004

Prof. Kenneth Bergwerff and Prof. David Warners

Planted two gardens for local elementary schools.  One garden was planted at Palmer Elementary School in Creston Neighborhood and the other was a Native American Garden at Creston Christian School.

Fall 2003

Prof. Kenneth Bergwerff, Prof. David Warners, and Prof. Verduin

Propagated plants to plant near the javelin pit on the Northwest side of the Calvin track.