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Campus & Community Sustainability Initiatives

Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)
Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF) external link
Calvin Renewable Energy Organization
The Renewable Energy Organization or "The Reo" (ree-oh), is a student-lead group that is devoted to increasing awareness about energy that is clean, renewable, and sustainable.
Campus Sustainability Guide
Created by Community Engagement and the Calvin Sustainability Community.
Creation Care Living-Learning Community
Through various programs, seminars, and social events, students will learn from each other and Calvin faculty and staff, building unity and fellowship while living on campus.
Environmental Stewardship Coalition (ESC)
The mission of the Environmental Stewardship Coalition is to raise student, faculty, and administrative consciousness of current environmental issues and to emphasize Christian stewardship as the responsibility of the Calvin community.
Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC)
The Environmental Stewarship Committee is: 1) an advocate on behalf of the Calvin community on environmental matters; 2) a structure for the exchange of information and communication among thedecision-making units that influence the environment; 3) a source of help the Vice President for Administration, Finance, and Information Services prioritize projects; 4) an instigator of standards and guidelines; 5) a partner in accountability for Calvin on environmental concerns.
Kill-a-Watt Dorm Sustainability Competition
In January 2013, the residence halls participated in Kill-a-watt, an annual creation care awareness program and energy competition. The aims of the program were to foster a mindset of sustainability amongst residents of the college’s 7 dorms. Students earned “points” by conserving electricity and participating in various program elements. Over two hundred students opted to be vegan, or give up the use of cars as transport for an entire month. Residents of Kalsbeek-Huizenga van Reken decreased their electricity consumption by over 12%, but their effort was in vain as Noordewier VanderWerp won the entire kill-a-watt competition by collecting an average of 35 points/person. As a fitting conclusion to the event, the hall leadership of NVW opted to put their prize money towards causes furthering sustainability in their dorm. For more information, visit the Kill-a-Watt page on Facebook.
Plaster Creek Stewards
Since the spring of 2004, representatives from the West Michigan Environmental Action Coalition (WMEAC), Calvin College, and the Christian Reformed Church have been meeting to discuss a plan to address the problems and the potential of Plaster Creek. This group has evolved into the Plaster Creek Stewards.