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ReTHINK your food

Buy Green

Buying organic foods helps reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment and in your body:

  • no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used
  • organic agriculture often uses sustainable methods that help in soil conservation
  • and organisms are not genetically modified.

Buying green items of durable materials can also help reduce waste because they can be re-used rather than thrown away.

Eat Local

Buying local saves on fuel and energy by reducing transportation costs, reducing the need for long refrigeration, and reducing the need forexcess packaging material. Buying from local farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture farms (CSAs) not only reduces your impact on the environment, but it helps you eat healthier, save money, and strengthen the local economy.

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General Facts

On average, the food we eat from grocery stores travels 1500 miles before it reaches our plates.
80-90% of money spent at farmers markets goes directly to the farmer compared to 3.5% at a local grocery store (Sustainable Table).