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Academics: Environmental Science - Chemistry

Earn an environmental science major with a chemistry emphasis

If you want to pursue a career requiring scientific training in environmental problems and their solutions, an environmental studies major will prepare you for jobs in a variety of fields. You can also continue your education through graduate programs such as ecology, environmental science, natural resource management or environmental biology.

Admission to the program

The prerequisite to enter the environmental science program is a minimum average of "C" (2.0) in three college-level science courses and approval by the committee which oversees the environmental science program.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with an environmental science major, you must complete the following courses:


Careers in Environmental Chemistry

Program Advisor

The advisor for students who choose the biology emphasis is Ken Piers (CHEM).


Among the possibilities:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Environmental Researcher
  • Environmental Law Specialist
  • Educator

Should you consider an environmental studies group minor?

If you want to pursue graduate study in chemistry, but are also interested in studying environmental issues at the local, national and global levels, consider earning an environmental studies minor along with your chemistry major.

Because the study of environmental issues is truly interdisciplinary, the environmental studies minor is appropriate for students majoring in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences.

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