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CRC Statements on Creation Care

God calls us to be stewards of his good creation. Our contemporary testimony states, "by sovereign appointment we are earthkeepers and caretakers: loving our neighbor, tending the creation, and meeting our needs. God uses our skills in the unfolding and well-being of his world." (Contemporary Testimony, par. 10). But because we have sinned, we have failed in this calling, polluting and destroying much of the creator's work. 

However, in Christ we find redemption, not only for people, but also for the rest of creation, which suffers from the consequences of human sin. For God's purpose in Christ is to heal and bring to wholeness not only persons but the entire created order. 

As we wait for the restoration of the creation to wholeness, we commit ourselves to work vigorously to protect and heal that creation for the glory of the Creator. This includes the commitment to work for responsible public policies which embody the principles of biblical stewardship of creation. (See the Evangelical Declaration on Creation Care signed in 1994.)