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Seminars Related to "Human Origins" (2006-2007)

Related Seminars and Lectures
The Human Origins seminar series officially began in fall of 2010. However, some earlier seminars held at Calvin College and which are relevant to this topic are included on this web site:
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October 27, 2006

"Human Origins: Scientific Theories and Christian Theologies"

John Cooper, Professor of Philosophical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary.

This presentation attempts a general mapping of the various positions on creation and evolution held by Christians.It identifies three main readings of Genesis 1-3 (literal-historical-theological, literary-historical-theological, and literary-theological), three main theological paradigms of redemptive-history (Augustinian, Neo-platonic, and Modernist), and four theories of human origins (recent creation, progressive creation, biological evolution, anthropological evolution).The presentation then explores the implications, convergences, and tensions among these positions.This is the overview I present to students at Calvin Seminary before locating the position taken by the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church.Dialogue and criticism are welcome.
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November 17, 2006

"Intelligent Design on Trial"

Edward B. Davis, Professor of the History of Science, Messiah College.

Dr. Davis, who attended the Dover trial and who has published several articles about science and religion in modern America, will provide an overview of the “intelligent design” issue.He will explain some of the main ideas associated with intelligent design, discuss the political and educational goals and strategies of the intelligent design movement, and comment on the recent Dover School District trial.
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