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Science Division Summer Research Poster Fair

Student Poster Information - Deadline September 22

See the Science Division website for poster guidelines and other important information about the research poster fair:

Please fill out the following information concerning your poster. Other important deadlines and dates are at the end of this form.

Contact person (name of student filling out this form)
Contact person's email
Poster title --
If any words in the title are to be italicized, put just the words to be italicized here:
If you have other special characters in your title, please contact Beth Schoone-Jongen, Science Division Administrative Assistant. Some special characters don't come through an email correctly. Also, if you change the poster title after this information is submitted, let Beth know.
Student names -- List names of student(s) in the poster in the order in which they appear.

Check one of the following:

NOTE: Please omit author photos in the author list. The custom at many scientific conferences is to omit those photos, so we would like to conform to that convention. However, it is fine If you have already printed your poster and used those photos.

Researchers supervised by a Calvin faculty member during the summer --
List supervising faculty name(s) as they appear on the poster.
Off-campus researchers -- (research at another institution under a non-Calvin faculty member)
Location you did your research. Include the university name, and state — don’t just give a lab.

List the supervising faculty name(s). Include their title, if any (e.g. Dr., Professor, etc.)

How was your research funded? For example, was it funded by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates NSF-REU, etc.?
Size of your poster in inches (If you are using the template provided by Instructional Graphics, it is 32 x 40.)
Printing/mounting your poster -- If you plan to have your poster printed by Vikipedia Designs, remember to send your finished poster as an email attachment to for printing. In the subject line of your email, put: Science Fair, professor's last name, your last name, PC or MAC (whichever way you made your poster). If you are an off-campus researcher, for the professor’s last name, please use the Calvin professor who is helping you with your poster (Biology students), or use Schoone-Jongen.  If you do not use this type of subject heading, it may get overlooked. Also, please do not name the file you send “poster” or “research poster.” Name the file with your last name.

Do you plan to have your poster printed by Vikipedia Designs?
No, Engineering is printing my poster
No, my poster is already printed or will be printed elsewhere

I will need foamboard (to provide support for the poster) and clips (to attach the poster to the foamboard)
I will not need foamboard or clips (Some departments decide to pay the extra cost to have the posters mounted--in which case you will not need foam board and clips)

If you had a Calvin funded Science Division fellowship, the cost of printing your poster will be paid from a Science Division account. The Science Division account will not, however, pay for laminating and mounting on foam core. If your research was funded by an external grant, your poster should be paid for from that grant. The Science Division Administrative Assistant will supply the account numbers to Vikipedia Designs. If you or your professor have any questions about the cost of poster printing, please call the Science Division Office (526-6200).

Location -- Do you need to be next to any other student?
Yes, place me by
No, but it would be nice to be near
Please attach a .pdf of your poster, if completed, here:
If you change your poster after submitting this form, please send Beth Schoone-Jongen a .pdf of the updated version. If your poster is not yet completed, send a .pdf to Beth Schoone-Jongen when it is completed.

Important dates:

The deadline to get your poster in to Vikipedia Designs to be printed is Wednesday, October 4, 9:00 a.m.

Posters are to be up Thursday, October 19 .

Research Fair is Friday, October 20, 12:30-3:30pm. You are expected to be present at your poster during this time unless you have a class.

Summer researchers who worked on campus with a Calvin faculty supervisor are reminded that you are expected to present your poster at the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Conference at Van Andel Institute on Saturday, November 4. Online registration is open at:

Students who did summer research off campus at another institution are strongly encouraged to participate in the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Conference at Van Andel Institute.