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Science Division - 2012 Student Summer Research Fellowships

AtomStudent Application Form: Due February 19, 2012


  • Contact the sponsoring faculty member(s) to discuss the project(s).
    This is required.
  • You must attach a copy of your unofficial Moodle transcript, in .pdf format, later in this application. If you have not already prepared it, please do so before filling out the application. See instructions for accessing your transcript and formatting it as a .pdf document.
  • In order to fulfill Calvin's educational goals and certain federal requirements, students selected for summer research are required to complete an online ethics tutorial on the "Responsible Conduct of Research" before May 25, 2012. For more information, please see "Requirements."
  • This online application currently DOES NOT allow you to save a partially completed or completed version of the application to your desktop. You must complete the application in its entirety before you submit. If you would like a copy of your application in .pdf format after you submit it, please email the Science Division Office.

Award Notification Target Date: March 16, 2012

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Expected Graduation Date (mm/yyyy)
Major (required)
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Overall GPA (You can find this on your AER.)
GPA in Major
Current Transcript - Attach a copy here of your Moodle transcript.
What are your career interests? (limit: 300 characters maximum, complete sentences not necessary)
Which options are you considering for your first few years after graduating from Calvin?
Estimate the probabilities in terms of percentages that add up to 100%. For example, Job=30%, Graduate school=70%.
      Graduate school
      Medical school
      Other (describe)
Select your preferences from the list of research project opportunities.  You may select up to 3 projects.  Each project is numbered.  (If you don’t know the project’s number, re-check the list at: Type the number of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices below and the sponsoring faculty member.
It is required that you contact the sponsoring faculty member.
Number of 1st choice project  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
Number of 2nd choice project  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
Number of 3rd choice project  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
What interests you about the particular research projects you have chosen? (limit: 300 characters maximum, complete sentences not necessary)
List your skills and experiences that are especially pertinent to the research projects above. These may include: lab or field work; jobs/internships; instrument use; computational, mathematical, mechanical or creative skills. (limit: 300 characters maximum, complete sentences not necessary)
How will this research experience advance your efforts to meet your career goals? (limit: 300 characters maximum, complete sentences not necessary)
Identify 2 faculty who could recommend you.
Before you sign and submit:
  • Review/proof the above entered information.
  • Make sure the fields that are limited to a maximum number of characters (not words) are not over the limit. If they are, you will receive an error message, "Sorry, the data for the field named "____________" is too long. If that happens, press the back arrow and shorten your entry. Make sure all of your attached files are still attached. Proceed to Submit button.

By checking this box, I certify that the information given in this application is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that willful omission, falsification, or incomplete statements within this application may jeopardize my potential for funding.