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McGregor Fellowship Program: Call for Faculty Proposals

The McGregor Researchers Fellowship Committee announces a call for proposals from faculty members in the humanities and social sciences who wish to do research with a student during the summer of 2009.  Complete proposals are due on January 7, 2009.

The Committee intends to select projects from a balanced range of disciplines.  The Committee is interested in faculty proposals that involve students in meaningful ways as co-researchers, and not merely as assistants.  Proposals should specify a clear outcome, such as a paper co-authored with a student. 

In addition to students funded solely from McGregor grants, the Committee is also interested in proposed projects where support for a summer student researcher can be shared between McGregor funding and other grant or college sources of funds.

Faculty who have participated in previous years are eligible, but faculty who have not previously received this support will be given preference. The Committee will try to obtain a reasonable balance of departments and divisions within those eligible. 

Student applications will be accepted on or before February 13, 2009.  After students have applied, the committee will select the best matches of student applicants with faculty proposals (with a maximum of 10 funded projects).  Faculty will have input into the final choice of student, but may not pre-select a candidate for their project.  Preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors; graduating students are not eligible. 

Students will be expected to work full time for at least nine weeks throughout June and July 2009, with help and supervision from participating faculty.  The logistics of a work schedule are left to the discretion/availability of the faculty and the student fellow.

For more information on the past projects and fellows or to submit an application, please visit the Fellowship program’s webpage.


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