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McGregor Research Program: Fellows, Faculty & Projects (1999)





Candace Johnson Peter De Jong,
Sociology & Social Work
Solution Focused Practice with Involuntary Clients
Janelle Kamerman Judith Vander Woude,
Communication Arts & Sciences
Discourse Styles of Parents and Their Young Children During Shared Bookreading Events
Jane Knol W. Dale Brown,
Research & Preparation for Interviewing Fiction Writers on the Subject of Religion and Literature
Amy Leep Douglas Koopman,
Political Science
The Interplay of Religion and Politics in Kent County, Michigan
Rebekah Ray Susan Felch,
(w/Donald Stump, St. Louis U.)
Queen Elizabeth and Her Writers
Sara Toering Quentin Schultze,
Communication Arts & Sciences
The Interaction of the Mass Media and Christianity in Twentieth Century America
Matthew Vande Bunte Bert de Vries,
Preparing Statistical Databases and Designing Internet Materials for Website Publishing of Umm-el Jimal Archeological Project Findings
Stacey Vander Kooy Fred De Jong,
Sociology & Social Work
Does Your Pedigree Matter? The Influence of Selected Sociodemographic Variables and Source of Degree on Academic Careers in Chemistry
Alan Waddilove Ronald Wells,
A New Scholarly Edition of Josiah Royce’s California
Victoria Zapata Lambert Zuidervaart,
Philosophical Conceptions of Artistic Truth



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