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McGregor Undergraduate Research Fellowship -
Student Application

Submission deadline: February 17, 2013

(NOTE: Students graduating in (or before) May 2013 are not eligible for the fellowship program.)

  • You must be available to work for 9 weeks spanning June and July 2013. You may not hold a second job without special permission from your faculty member. Such permission is not typically granted.
  • It is recommended that you meet with your prospective mentor before you apply. This will give both parties some idea of how well your interests and abilities align with faculty expectations for the project.
  • You must attach a copy of your unofficial transcript later in this application. If you have not already prepared it, please do so before filling out the application. See Academic Services Transcript Request (bottom of the page) for instructions. Attach below as a .pdf document.
  • This online application currently DOES NOT allow you to save your application, whether partially or fully completed. You must complete the application below in its entirety before you submit.

Award Notification Target Date: March 15, 2013

Opportunities for 2013 summer undergraduate research are listed below.
Click on any of the links for the project details.
Project # Faculty Name, Dept. Project Title & Details
1 Cano Villalobos, Art & Art History Identity/Identification: Commemorating Victims of Dictatorial Chile through a performative art installation
2 Haarsma, Physics Theology of Original Sin in Various Human Origins Scenarios
3 Jen, Business Managing Human Resources from a Christian Perspectived
4 Pyper/Slagter, Spanish Cultural engagement and language acquisition in Spanish semester abroad programs
5 Betts, Business Study of the Trends in Book Publishing & Broader Society
6 Fuller, Communication Arts & Sciences Documentary Filmmaking: The Camera Obscura
7 Fuentes, Music Exploring the Role of Music in Identity, Sports, and Faith Formation
8 DeGraaf, Kinesiology/Bouman, Service Learning Building Faculty Capacity to Equip Students to Engage the Other through Service-Learning, Around the Corner and Across the Globe
9 Westra, Political Science Reforming the Global Security Order: Institutional Legitimacy and Global Security Governance in a Changing World
10 Hoksbergen, Economics Internships and Entry Level Opportunities at Christian NGOs


APPLICATION - You may apply for as many as three projects by submitting a single form:

First Name
Last Name
Calvin ID#
Local contact information:
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City   State    Zip
Phone #    
Complete local email address (include "@...")

Expected Graduation Date (mm/yyyy)
Major 1 (required)
Major 2 (optional)
Minor 1 (optional)
Minor 2 (optional)
Overall GPA (You can find this on your AER,
GPA in Major

Current Transcript - Attach a copy here of your unofficial transcript (See Academic Services Transcript Request for instructions, .pdf document format preferred.)

List plans you are considering for your first few years after graduating from Calvin. (i.e., grad school, PhD, professional school, teaching, volunteering, job related to academic major, research...)
Select your preferences from the research project opportunities listed at the top of this application form.  You may select up to 3 projects.  Each project is numbered. 
Project #  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
Project #  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
Project #  Sponsoring faculty member’s name:
The following fields are limited to 2500 characters (not words) each - approx. 2 paragraphs.
Briefly describe your skills and experiences that are especially pertinent to the research projects above. These may include lab or field work, jobs/internships, instrument use, computational, or creative skills.

Briefly describe what interests you about the particular research projects you have chosen.
Describe how this research experience will advance your efforts to meet your career goals.
Please provide the name of a Calvin College faculty member (other than the faculty member with whom you are applying) who is willing to serve as a reference. This person may be contacted for information on your qualifications and research potential.
Before you sign and submit:
  • Review/proof the above entered information.
  • Make sure the fields that are limited to a maximum number of characters (not words) are not over the limit. If they are, you will receive an error message, "Sorry, the data for the field named "____________" is too long. If that happens, press the back arrow and shorten your entry. Make sure your transcript is still attached. Proceed to Submit button.
By checking this box, I certify that the information given in this application is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that willful omission, falsification, or incomplete statements within this application may jeopardize my potential for funding.