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Calvin Student and Faculty Research Opportunities

External Faculty Funding

Internal Faculty Funding

Other Student Research Funding Resources

Calvin Science Division Summer Student Research Fellowships: (faculty project proposal deadline - early February, student application deadline - mid-February)
Calvin's Science Division offers student/faculty summer research fellowships for scientific research. Funds from a variety of sources support enhancing and expanding inquiry-based learning opportunities for undergraduate students in the sciences. For more information:

Center for Social Research (CSR): (application deadlines: January 15, April 15 and October 15)
CSR provides small grants to faculty members for use in their research that is not funded from other sources. Details can be found on the CSR website:

Calvin Alumni Faculty Grant Program: (application deadline - Jan. 11)
The Calvin Alumni Association Board offers the Faculty Grant Program in order to promote and encourage Calvin College faculty members in their service and research interests, further Christian scholarship, and add value to the classroom and benefit Calvin students. For more information:

Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning: (application deadline - open)
Individual project proposals from faculty (with or without a student) are accepted. Funding requested can vary according to the proposal's needs. Proposals should include a clear focus on some aspect of Christian teaching and learning, given the Kuyers Institute's central concern with pedagogy. For more information:

McGregor Undergraduate Research Program: (faculty application deadline - end of January, student application deadline - end of February)
McGregor fellowships have been established to support collaborative student-faculty research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Funding is available for both the student and the faculty mentor. For more information:

Student Conference Support Fund: (faculty application deadline - open)
The Dean for Research and Scholarship administers this fund to defray the cost of undergraduates who are scheduled to present work completed under a faculty-supervised research/scholarship project, for which budgets are insufficient to cover the cost. The sponsoring faculty member must fill out the application for the traveling student. For more information: for student travel.html/

Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity: (application deadline - November 30)
Two Nagel Fellowships will be awarded this academic year in support of faculty scholarship pertaining to the study of world Christianity.These grants exist to support scholarly work that addresses at least one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute. Scholarly aims of the Nagel Institute, include conducting a study of some aspect of world Christianity, partnering with Christian scholars and study centers in the global south or east on a project of Christian scholarship, or turning the attention and commitments of northern Christian scholars toward the priorities of Christianity in the global south and east. For more information:

Henry Institute Undergraduate Research Awards: (application deadline - April 20)
The Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics awards are given to Calvin College faculty members for research projects, with the funding utilized to engage Calvin student fellows to work in collaboration with the faculty member on a particular research endeavor related to the Christian faith and public life. For more information:

Worship Renewal Grants Program: (application deadline - January 11)
Calvin faculty who are pursuing research on a worship-related topic should contact the worship institute office ( to explore funding possibilities. For more information: