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Research & Scholarship Planning Workshop

If you are launching a new project, hoping to write a CRF or sabbatical proposal, seeking outside funding, preparing your reappointment dossier, or just thinking about how to link your research to your teaching, you may wish to participate in this 3-hour workshop. During the first half of the workshop, a panel of experienced faculty, grant-writers, proposal reviewers, and deans will share their thoughts on what is most important in preparing and executing a research plan. During the second half, they will work with faculty participants to address questions and help individuals formulate specific plans. Lunch will be provided during the working time. (Sponsored by the Office for Research and Scholarship.)

When:  Tuesday, May 27, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., CFAC 115 (lunch provided)
Where: CFAC 115
RSVP:   Please RSVP by May 19 by using the RSVP form below

                                    We hope to see you there!!

If you have any questions, please email the Office for Research and Scholarship.

First Name
Last Name
Yes, I am planning to attend.
No, I cannot attend at this time but would like to be added to the list for next year's workshop.

Please tell us what you will be looking for in this seminar. Check all that apply.

general guidance for launching a career at Calvin
advice on launching a specific project
strategies for optimizing grant proposals 
strategies for optimizing sabbatical or CRF proposals
strategies for finding specific external grant opportunities
strategies for getting your work published
advice on community-based research and scholarship 
advice on "productive" scholarship not aimed at publication (e.g., creative arts, design, engineering, computer programming, environmental restoration…)
If you will be joining us for lunch, please check if you have a dietary preference:
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