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Academic Freedom in a Confessional Framework

Institutional Documents

Events on campus pertaining to the issue of Academic Freedom:

"Thoughts on Academic Freedom:" Anthony Diekema, George Marsden, Nicholas Wolterstorff
held September 23, 2009
Sponsored by the Byker Chair

Text of discussion available; audio available.

Published works on academic freedom

Liviu Andreescu, lecturer, English Department, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania

Academic Freedom and Religious-affiliated Universities, Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, Spring 2008.

Anthony J. Diekema, former President, Calvin College

Academic Freedom and Christian Scholarship, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (2000). Hekman Library has 5 copies at LC72.2 .D54 2000.

Lee Hardy, Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College

Between Inculcation and Inquiry: The Virtue of Tolerance in the Liberal Arts Tradition,

David A. Hoekema, Professor of Philosophy, former academic dean, Calvin College

Academic Freedom at a Pervasively Protestant Place - Paper given at Academic Freedom at Religiously Affiliated Institutions Conference sponsored by the Association of American University Professors Midland Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, October 24-26, 1997 by David A. Hoekema.

George N. Monsma, Jr., Professor of Economics Emeritus, Calvin College

Faith and Faculty Autonomy at Calvin College - The faculty role in governing Calvin has helped maintain the trust necessary to protect academic freedom and advance the college’s mission. Academe, January-February 2001, Volume 87, Number 1, p. 43-47.

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology Emeritus, Yale University

"Ivory Tower or Holy Mountain? Faith and Academic Freedom - Academe, January-February 2001, Volume 87, Number 1, p. 17-22.

Other resources:

Additional bibliography on academic freedom, recently compiled by the committee on Homosexuality and Community Life, draft January 2010