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Plaster Creek Stewards Educational Presentations

Fall/Spring Events

Click on the links to view the PowerPoint presentations:

Fall 2016
          Connecting Urban Neighborhoods with their Creeks

Summer 2016
          Cultivating our Place through Histories and Gardens: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Workshop

Spring 2016
          Creek Friendly Yards

Fall 2015
          Alger Heights versus "The Flash"

Summer 2015
          Parade of Curb-Cut Rain Gardens

Spring 2015
          Shifting our Thinking of Rain

Fall 2014

Spring 2014
          A Healthy Watershed-Magnet for Birds and Butterflies

Fall 2013
           Hidden Waters: TheSecret Life of Silver Creek

Summer 2013
          Rainscaping to Reduce Our Stormwater Footprint

Spring 2013
          Invasives - The Good, the Bad, and the Weedy

Fall 2012
          Loving our Downstream Neighbor: From Plaster Creek to the St. Lawrence River

Spring 2012
          Deep Roots - the Importance of Trees for a Healthy Watershed

Fall 2011
          When It Rains, It Pours - Where Rain Goes

Spring 2011
          The Unfolding of Plaster Creek Stewards

Fall 2010
          Watershed Awakening - Connecting College and Community to a Shared Place

Other Topics of Interest

Profile of a Human-dominated Watershed

Introduction to Plaster Creek Watershed Restoration Initiative

Loving Our Downstream Neighbor

Environmental Justice and Plaster Creek

Reconciliation Ecology

Read our Newsletter!Fall 2011 Newsletter


Love thy Downstream Neighbor: From Plaster Creek to the St. Lawrence River

Our fall event was Saturday, September 22 10:00am-12:30pm at the Bunker Interpretive Center.

View photos from the project or check out images from the presentation here, and view news coverage here.