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  • Presentation for AMDG (from 8/20/2012)
  • Workshop presentation (7.72 MB)
  • Excel-based rain garden size calculator (note: this is a calculator from Oregon State University that we adapted, and it simulates rainfall patterns typical of the Pacific Northwest. Feel free to use the calculator for your own reference, but it's not perfect! Stay tuned for a Michigan-specific version.)
  • Plant species recommendations. This is a list of plants we commonly use in rain gardens, with details about flower color, height, and preferences for wetness and sunlight. We grow most of these plants at Calvin and several will be available at the plant sale on May 5 at the Bunker Interpretive Center.
  • is hosted by WMEAC and has lots of information and resources on rain gardens.
  • Michigan LID manual--Chapter 7 contains specifications and details on rain gardens and bioinfiltration.