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Learn how to create a rain garden!

What's a rain garden?

A rain garden is a garden designed to collect rainwater from rooftops, parking lots, or other hard surfaces. It helps reduce pollution in Plaster Creek, and creates habitat for insects and birds. Learn more about rain gardens here.

What will the workshop include?

This workshop is intended for anyone interested in installing a rain garden at their home, business, school, or church. There will be lots of information if you're just curious about rain gardens. Or, if you already have a garden site in mind, bring a soil sample and an estimate of your drainage area (rooftop, driveway, etc.) with you to the workshop. You will leave with specific information about how big your garden needs to be, and which types of plants to include. Participants will: rain garden

  • Learn about the importance of rain gardens and other simple practices for improving water quality in Plaster Creek, the Grand River, and Lake Michigan.
  • Learn how to find an appropriate location for a rain garden.
  • Calculate the necessary size for your rain garden based on the area draining to your garden and type of soil at your site.
  • Receive lists of native plant species suitable for different soil types, moisture, and light levels.

Note: This workshop will focus on how to create a small rain garden to capture water from small buildings and paved areas. While we will cover some information on larger bioinfiltration systems, it will focus mostly on small, do-it-yourself style projects.