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Dutton Park

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Status of the Plaster Creek Watershed

The Plaster Creek Working Group decided that the first step was to gather all information about the watershed from various agencies and news sources into one place. During the spring and fall of 2004, members of the Plaster Creek Working Group contacted all potential sources of information and/or stakeholders, collected all the reports, news articles, and other material on the watershed and constructed a web site to use as a depository of information on Plaster Creek. ecoli

In addition, a map of the watershed was constructed with overlays showing the overlapping interests of these groups—the location of CRC churches and members; Calvin College faculty, staff, and alums. As part of its Calvin Environmental Assessment Program, a biology class carried out a biological survey of the watershed flora during the Fall of 2004. It appears that at present, very little regular work is done on Plaster Creek, and what little is done relates to water sampling for E. coli.