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Multicultural Funding Resources


Beginning in September 2014, Mini-Grants will be available up to a maximum of $500 for departments to use towards FEN-related professional development. Applications will be considered September 1, October 1, January 1, and February 1. Grants will be awarded based upon available funds, with no more than four grants awarded a semester. Academic departments will be given first priority; however, other departments are welcome to apply for funding. (If fewer than three grants are awarded for the fall semester, there is the possibility of a grant being available for use in the month of January. Should this be the case a special announcement will be made).

Additionally, mini-grants can be used to fund a guest speaker or artist. The first priority is for speakers or artists involved in presentations open to the public (wider Calvin community and beyond); however, funds, if available, may be used for speakers and artists participating in a regular meeting of a classroom.

Grants are to be used for professional development activities which address the three themes of the FEN document -- multicultural citizenship, anti-racism and accountability, and reconciliation and restoration. Grant money can be used for book groups, speaker fees, diversity assessment tools, video purchases, and other items as approved. Click here for an online application.