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Diversity Spotlight

Church and Theology Resources

Print Resources
  • Christerson, B., K. L. Edwards, and M. O. Emerson. Against All Odds: The Struggle for Racial Integration in Religious Organizations. New York: NYU. 2004.
  • Davies, Susan E. and Sr. Paul Teresa Hennessee, eds. Ending Racism in the Church. Cleveland: United Church, 1998.
  • Emerson, Michael O, and Christian Smith. Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2000.
  • Isasi-Díaz, Ada María. En la Lucha/In the Struggle: Elaborating a mujerista theology, A Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1993.
  • Harris, P., and D. Schaupp. Being white: finding our place in a multiethnic world. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity. 2004.
    Primarily for white Christians, this book looks at movement through encounter, friendship, displacement and then active resistance to racism. The authors write about the necessity of brokenness and using privilege and power under the leadership of people of color to resist racism.
  • Sojourners. America's Original Sin: A Study Guide on White Racism. Curriculum resource for churches, Sunday schools, and other Christian groups. Available from Sojourners.
  • Stroupe, Nibs, and Inez Fleming. While We Run This Race: Confronting the Power of Racism in a Southern Church. New York: Orbis, 1995.
  • West, Traci C. "Liturgy: Church Worship and White Superiority," Ch. 4 in Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives Matter. Louisville, Ky.: Westminster/John Knox, 2006. In this chapter, West analyzes ways that white superiority is encoded in Christian worship (in churches of various racial make-ups) and offers a few concrete examples for challenging white superiority in worship.


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