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Off-Campus courses
On-Campus courses
Interim courses


Courses Approved for
Cross-Cultural Engagement Credit


Off-campus semester courses
CCE Learning Objectives:

--to gain skills in cross-cultural communication

--to understand how the world might look from the standpoint of another community of interpretation and experience

--to learn how to discern and, where appropriate, adapt to the cultural expectations of the other

--to witness other cultural embodiments of faith, and thus to reflect on the substance and definition of one's own faith by comparison

The following off-campus semester courses will fulfill Calvin's CCE core requirement (click the title link for a course description):

Program Course Title
Integral CCE courses - all students complete requirement
Germany ENGR 202 Engineering Summer Program in Germany
US NURS 379 Practicum: Community Nursing/Leadership Management
Honduras SPHO 315 Engaging Honduran Culture
Spain SSTP 100 Introduction to Spanish Culture
Britain STBR 312 Studies in British Culture
China STCH 210 Emerging China
France STFR 270 Study in France Cross-cultural Engagement
France STFR 330 Contemporary France
Ghana STGH 312 Culture & People in Ghana
Honduras STHO 210 Exploring a Third World Society
Hungary STHU 312 Eastern European Culture
Mexico STMX 315 Cross Cultural Engagement in Mexico
New Mexico STNM 149 Prime Kingdom Citizenship
New Mexico STNM 394 Contextual Diversity Studies
Peru STPE 317 Contemporary Peruvian Culture
Spain STSP 215 Cross Cultural Engagement
Spain STSP 312 Regions of Spain
Spain STSP 316 Contemporary Spanish Civilization
Optional CCE courses - individual student/faculty contract
Spain STSP 216 Contemporary Spanish Society

Off-Campus Program

It is possible to obtain CCE credit through traveling with a Calvin or non-Calvin off-campus program. Most Calvin programs are already designated as CCE courses. In order to receive credit through a non-Calvin program, students must submit a proposal for a student-initiated independent study, IDIS 290. As with other CCE credit options, students participating in an off-campus program are required to on their experience through journals and essay writing.

Group IDIS 290

These stand-alone courses are generally offered through the office for multicultural affairs or the multicultural student development office for seniors needing CCE credit. Check with the registrar's office for availability of these courses.

During Interim 2011, Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige will be teaching "Bridging the Racial Divide" offered to seniors for CCE Credit.