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Designated CCE Courses

Many departments offer courses with CCE credit either integrated into the coursework or as an optional component of the class, yet some programs, such as Nursing, Education, or Social Work, include the CCE component as part of the 4-year study. Course offerings vary by semester.

Currently available on- or off-campus CCE courses:

Off-Campus Program

It is possible to obtain CCE credit through traveling with a Calvin or non-Calvin off-campus program. Most Calvin programs are already designated as CCE courses. In order to receive credit through a non-Calvin program, students must submit a proposal for a student-initiated independent study, IDIS 290. As with other CCE credit options, students participating in an off-campus program are required to on their experience through journals and essay writing.

Group IDIS 290

These stand-alone courses are generally offered through the office for multicultural affairs or the multicultural student development office for seniors needing CCE credit. Check with the registrar's office for availability of these courses.

During Interim 2011, Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige will be teaching "Bridging the Racial Divide" offered to seniors for CCE Credit.