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Cross Cultural Engagement

IDIS-290 CCE Independent Study Student Contract

Before you begin this application, make sure you have thoroughly read through either the Domestic or International requirements for CCE credit.

Contract Due Dates: This contract must be submitted and signed by the end of the 4th week of the beginning of the semester in which you are applying for CCE credit, or 3 weeks before interim if applying for interim credit.

First Name
Last Name
Complete Email address
Calvin ID#
Expected Graduation Date (mm/yyyy)
Faculty Contact Person
Faculty Contact Dept.
Faculty Contact Email
Proposed Academic Term
Proposed Year
Number of Semester Hours
(0 = Designation Only, 1 = Credit)
Check if the type of proposal you are submitting (check one)       
Project Description - Provide a brief description of your proposed project and how it will help achieve the CCE objectives.
Proposed Activities - Provide a brief description of the types of activities in which you plan to participate during your independent study.
Proposed Timeline - Provide your anticipated timeframe in which to meet CCE objectives (there must be a minimum of 20 hours of personal engagement with persons of a culture significantly different that your own).
Attach your one-page racial/ethnic identity statement here. Include the following:

How do you identify yourself racially/ethnically. How important is identity to you? What does it mean to be “x” in the United States? What is one thing that you appreciate about this identity? What is one thing that you would want people to know about this racial/ethnic group?

NOTE: When you submit this application, you will receive a copy of your application via email. You must print the email, sign it, have your faculty member sign it, and then send to Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige in the President's Office. Your application is NOT considered complete until we have received your signed application.