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This independent study entails working with a faculty member or the director of CCE to fulfill various pieces to the CCE requirement, including a direct engagement experience and self reflection. The goal is to gain 20 hours of intentional interaction with someone of a different ethnic background and to articulate the impact of the experience through weekly journals and reflection.This can be done in a number of ways, including service learning projects or crafting your own engagement experience through a local organization. It is important to view the guidelines outlining the process for obtaining CCE credit outside of the classroom. There are also reflection resources to assist students in crafting meaningful CCE experiences.

Service/Internship Commitment

CCE credit can be granted through a service, internship, or volunteer experience.The proposal process includes taking two self assessment quizes, reflecting on the 5 dimensions of culture, and submitting the IDIS-290 proposal form.

View a pdf of the 5 dimensions of culture

Download a pdf of the service proposal form

Cross-Cultural Conversation

Intentional cross-cultural conversations over an extended period of time may qualify for CCE yet require prior approval. This method requires students to explore their own culture and research the culture of their conversation partner prior to beginning the 20 hours of one-on-one engagement.

Download a pdf of the conversation proposal form

Chicago Semester/
Non-Calvin Program

Approved on a case-by-case basis, the process for the Chicago Semester and non-Calvin off-campus programs are similar in nature and require the student to actively find opportunites to engage in the local culture. Contact the director of CCE at to discuss options for an off-campus CCE experience.

Guidelines for CCE through Chicago Semester