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The R & R Reading Groups are structured around one of the central themes of the From Every Nation (FEN) document: Reconciliation and Restoration. Via poignant topics of a selected text, participants are given the opportunity to discuss racial justice issues in order to "become active agents of racial reconciliation." (FEN p. 29) Through self reflection individuals are empowered to work toward a restored, multicultural community.

Fall 2014 Book Group Selection

Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces That Keep Us Apart by Christena Cleveland

Free books will be given to the first 10 to register. Register here by September 4, 2014.

Winner of a 2013 Leadership Journal Book Award ("Our Very Short List" in "The Leader's Outer Life" category) Despite Jesus' prayer that all Christians "be one," divisions have been epidemic in the body of Christ from the beginning to the present. We cluster in theological groups, gender groups, age groups, ethnic groups, educational and economic groups. We criticize freely those who disagree with us, don't look like us, don't act like us and don't even like what we like. Though we may think we know why this happens, Christena Cleveland says we probably don't. In this eye-opening book, learn the hidden reasons behind conflict and divisions. Learn:
  • Why I think all my friends are unique but those in other groups are all the same
  • Why little differences often become big sources of conflict
  • Why categorizing others is often automatic and helpful but can also have sinister side effects
  • Why we are so often victims of groupthink and how we can avoid it
  • Why women think men are judging them more negatively than men actually are, and vice versa
  • Why choices of language can actually affect unity
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Spring 2015 Book Group Selection

Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World by David A. Livermore

Free books will be given to the first 10 to register. Register here by January 28, 2015.

Twenty-first-century society is diverse, and Christians must be able to understand other cultures and communicate effectively between and among them. Following up on the bestselling Hurt: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers, this new addition to the Youth, Family, and Culture series explores the much-needed skill of Cultural Intelligence (C.Q.), the ability to work effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultures. While rooted in sound, scholarly research, Cultural Intelligence is highly practical and accessible to general readers. It will benefit students as well as guide ministry leaders interested in increasing their cultural awareness and sensitivity. ...( Read more ›

Summer 2015 Book Group Selection

Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class by Ian Haney López

Free books will be given to the first 10 to register. Register here by May 15, 2015.

In Dog Whistle Politics, Ian Haney López offers a sweeping account of how politicians and plutocrats deploy veiled racial appeals to persuade white voters to support policies that favor the extremely rich yet threaten their own interests. Dog whistle appeals generate middle-class enthusiasm for political candidates who promise to crack down on crime, curb undocumented immigration, and protect the heartland against Islamic infiltration, but ultimately vote to slash taxes for the rich, give corporations regulatory control over industry and financial markets, and aggressively curtail social services. White voters, convinced by powerful interests that minorities are their true enemies, fail to see the connection between the political agendas they support and the surging wealth inequality that takes an increasing toll on their lives. The tactic continues at full force, with the Republican Party using racial provocations to drum up enthusiasm for weakening unions and public pensions, defunding public schools, and opposing health care reform.
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Past Reading Selections

The Grace of Silence: A Family Memoir by Michele Norris

Coming Together in the 21st Century: the Bible's Message in an Age of Diversity by Curtiss Paul DeYoung

Incognito: An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery by Michael Fosberg

Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It by Shelly Tochluk

Becoming an Anti-Racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness by Joseph Bardnt

The Race Myth: Why We Pretend Race Exists in America by Dr. Joseph Graves

Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama

White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Priviledged Son by Tim Wise

Teachable Moments: Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue by Steve Robbins

Building a House for Diversity: How a Fable about a Giraffe & an Elephant Offers New Strategies for Today's Workforce by R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.

Silent Racism: How Well-Meaning White People Perpetuate the Racial Divide by Dr. Barbara Trepagnier

The One in the Many: Christian Identity in a Multicultural World edited by Thomas R. Thompson

Racism and God-Talk : A Latino/a Perspective by Rubén Rosario Rodriguez

Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical's Inside View of White Christianity
by Edward Gilbreath

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism for a Post-Civil Rights Generation by Adam Taylor

Neither Jew Nor Gentile by George Yancey

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford


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